Bo’s 5th Month

I was diligent in posting Ben’s development as a baby and I realized so when I went through the blog to compare Bo’s progress with Ben’s. A personal update is needed for our Little Miss. In her 5th month, Bo is sitting up (with supervision) and I started her on solids a couple weeks early. We also had a great giggle fest tonight after our bath. Great work Bo!

Caught Red Handed

David came up for a break (he works from home in his office in the basement!) and found all of us hanging out in Ben’s crib. He grabbed the camera but in 29 of the 30 pictures, Ben’s finger happened to be in his nose. To be two…

Golfing With Great-Grandpa

I will warn you: there are many more golf related posts to come on this blog.  Ben is obsessed..he plays golf throughout more than half his day. David’s expressed concern that people will think we’re pageant parents pushing him into the sport. When company comes over, we get a bit of a break as Ben wants to share the game with guests. Here is Ben and his Great Grandpa golfing on Father’s Day.


Subconscious Styling

Before Bo came along, it was a common occurance when I would dress Ben to match me. I would put on jeans and striped top and do the same to him.  Recently, I’ve been guilty of these actions when dressing Bo! I never realize what I’ve done until it is pointed out and when that happens, I laugh and then feel embarrassed for a short minute as I look like “that mom”. Here are me and the kiddies outside of Mother’s Pizza in Kitchener.

But how cute is Benny…

Life Lately

Summer has arrived! We’ve waited long enough up here in Canada. Playtime has moved outside which is a relief and Ben keeps Bo and I busy running after him all day on the property. Being cooped up in the house all winter, David and I would go ANYWHERE just to go out. This would usually mean Target or a mall but now, we’re always at home or close to. Friends are also venturing out to Paris to visit – hurray! We love visitors.

Manulife LPGA Classic

Our little family attended the Manulife LPGA Classic event last weekend in Waterloo – our first pro golf event as a family! We went late in the day for just under an hour to catch Alena Sharp finish her second round. David and Alena played golf together through their teens at Brantford Golf & Country Club. Ben received a signed ball from Alena but kept looking for the Nike swoosh printed on it. Oops…proof that branding works on babies!

Lazy Long Weekend

We had a lazy long weekend spent at home. Ben and Bo have been getting along brilliantly. She is completely enamoured with him and he is becoming more and more sweet with her everyday. EXCEPT now that Bo is able to pick up surrounding toys and hold them, he is showing some possessiveness – even with baby toys. Time for sharing lessons! We went for a little walk downtown Cambridge – such a pretty town. We’re only 15 minutes from Cambridge and find ourselves there often since moving to Paris; the city proves it has a lot to offer.

One more thing…our 4 month old Bo is now a whopping 17 pounds! But Little Girl still wakes up at least twice during the night. Come on Bo, MumMum needs a break!


Soccer Tots

As parents, we were more excited then Ben for his first Soccer Tots session. This is what you wait for no? Ben had a great time…with his Dad. He didnt play much with the group which I must add, was quite large at around 40 people. He just wanted to play with David. Being ready for the big day in his matching outfits and sneakers (Grandma-Shop’s gift!) he was a little confused as there were no nets on the posts. Though Ben still celebrated with the fist clenched, “yessss” when he kicked the ball through/near the imaginary net. Bo had a ball being in the fresh air with Grandma-Shop and Papa. Counting down the days till she starts!

Paris Soccer Tots

Two Years Old & Mother’s Day

Our Benjamin turned two May 8th! We celebrated at our house with David’s family on Mother’s Day with a fantastic brunch. Mother Nature was (finally) on our side and the the sun shone all day long. Pictures with Ben are definitely becoming more difficult. He was more interested in smelling flowers and playing with his lawnmower rather than pose with us. At two, David and I both agree that Ben is a very good boy. We really only have issues when he has to come in from playing golf – that always ends in tears. Lately at school he hasn’t been into sharing but who really is?!?! Benny we love and you and can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.