February Instagram Stories

Ben and some very new friends.

Sleeping Bo

Ben dressed up to call his Valentines

This hood was very necessary throughout the polar vortex.

Snowy trees on our country road.

Outdoor play was rare this winter due to the extreme cold but when we did, we played hard!

Our first outing as a family of four was to Starbucks.

Ben and Joshua on a overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge. We’re going to make it a yearly thing.

These Uggs were a great purchase. Bo wears them everyday!

McDonald’s playland. I get to drink a coffee and Ben can play.


Did you know that David and I met in Boston? True story. We were both living in Toronto at the time and somehow locked eyes in Bean Town. The rest was history. We went back for the first time a couple weeks ago. Drove down with the kiddies. Driving with kids is easy. Actually I should say, our kids make road trips easy…for now. It was 0 degrees celcius in Boston and it felt like 10 degrees after living in the polar vortex for the last few months. It was nice to get out and walk around. The shopping in Boston on Newbury was great and another reason to visit the city. Turns out it’s hard to take pics while seeing sights and managing two under two! Here are a few.

Quincy Market

New England Aquarium – Ben touched a shark!

Ben loves kissing his sister!

New England Aquarium

A turtle swam by shortly after and Ben was terrified.

New England Aquarium

Yup, we met at a sports bar.

All Canadians have to take a pic with the Bobby Orr statue.  Ben was scared of him too!

Harvard selfie in my favorite winter coat.

Instagram Stories

Ben’s favorite spot.

New Year’s Eve dinner…at 6pm. None of us made it past 11pm.

Ben loved painting his room.

Cuddle times.

Break time.

Deep freeze! -40 celcius (windchill) means it’s too cold to play outside.

39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. 5:30am the morning Bo was born.

Excited Daddy!

Proud Grandma.

Bo Brisson

Thursday, January 9th, we welcomed our daughter Bo into the world. She was 8 lbs, 6oz and just over 20 inches long – bigger than her brother! Ben was very excited to meet his sister and loves having her home. He showers her with hugs and kisses and is the first to reach her when she cries, pulling me by the hand behind him. Here are some pics from mine and Bo’s hospital stay.

Quick Skip Through 2013

Check out our year in 30 seconds!

Christmas Instagram Stories

For some reason David is eager to shovel this year.

Ben was OK with this Santa.

35 weeks pregnant.

Ben NEVER falls asleep on me…so this was nice.

Snow day in Burlington.

No tears after his immunization this time – big boy!

David in his $2 Pendleton ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ I found on Ebay.

Waiting for Santa.

Grandpa decked him out in his favorite teams gear.

Post Christmas chaos at Nana’s.


We had the most wonderful Christmas. It was easy and relaxing as I am pretty much immobile at this point in my pregnancy – almost 38 weeks! Ben isn’t at an age where he understands what exactly is going on but, he loved Christmas trees, the colourful wrapping paper and bright lights. He also was eager to open everyones gifts. We hope everyone had a great holiday!

Winter Mail Runs

Going to get the mail has taken on a whole new meaning since winter arrived. It is a much longer process that Ben MUST be involved in. God forbid David or I go outside into the glorious snow without him. We’ve been waiting for the snow to come to see him in this red snowsuit. Doesn’t he look like Ralphie’s little brother Randy from The Christmas Story?

PS – I think I’m adjusting well into country life to the shock of some of my friends. When driving to Detroit a couple weeks ago, I pointed and gasped seeing some farms have not yet harvested their corn into the month of December.

My Facebook Year In Review

I love Facebook’s ‘Year In Review’ option. It is a great reminder of what happened in 2013. With the click of a button, your 20 biggest moments of the year are rounded up. Mine were all big and funny family moments. You can see mine by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/yearinreview/cemacdonald1 and can check yours our by going to your own profile page.