Up North

My dad has been in town for the past week and we headed up to my Aunt and Uncle’s cottage in Parry Sound. It was a COLD week but, the weather didn’t deter us from our fun. We had one nice day where we took the Sea Doo out and visited friends. I’ve been going up to Otter Lake since I was a baby. I was even informed I took my first steps up there!


Local Long Weekend

We had another Local Long Weekend and were quite busy this time around. The Brantford Twin Valley Zoo was a great surprise. It is so close to home and it is never really that busy making it easy for Ben to run around and have fun on his own accord. We went with Keith and April and it was nice seeing the boys run around together.

Aunt Karin and my cousins from Calgary came for a visit Sunday. So nice to see them!

We also had a dog for the weekend! Ben was happy to walk him and Bo was entertained.

VW Van

Whenever I see Volkswagon Vans out on the road (we see quite a few in Paris) I get a little too excited and David always makes fun of me. On a recent trip to the grocery store, I had to park beside this one and plunk Ben in it (by suggestion of the owners) for a photo-op. David asks what I would do with one. Obviously I would drive the kids to beach in it packed full of surfboards, straw mats and ty-dyed towels. One day I will have one…one day.

If you’re into vintage cars, Paris hosts a car show every Saturday night, 6pm till dusk at Johnny Be Good’s Diner. My red 64′ Mustang is always there for the viewing. *wink wink

“Hey ladies, wanna ride?”

Pinterest In Action

How many recipes have you pinned on Pinterest and actually made? One night, I picked a recipe off my Food board, took a trip to the local grocery store and made something delicious. It turned out to be more a stew than a soup, and I went with the curry rather then the cardamon. I tricked Benny into a little taste and he asked for more!

The recipe can be found on the Sprouted Kitchen’s webpage. And you can follow me on Pinterest here.

Montreal Wedding

A couple weeks ago my friend Lara married her long time boyfriend Alex in Montreal. Lara and I went to Western together so it turned out to be a great little reunion for our friends. David couldn’t make it so I thankfully brought my friend Brenna. We all had a great time. In the last three years or so, it seems my friends have moved all over the world. Though I’m so happy for them, I miss them terribly, making me so thankful for weekends like these.

We arrived around midnight & agreed this to be a great selfie mirror.

Make-up and hair done by Moi.

We’re ready to go! My dress is vintage.

I asked Alex how he was feeling prior. “Nervous!”

Myself & The Bride. We all danced till 2am hence the Best Man in the back.

My ladies!

Day on the Greens

David has been taking Ben to the golf course a few nights a week so Bo and I had to join in on the fun one Sunday afternoon. I learned that unlike at home where Ben will hit balls non-stop, he prefers to ride the golf cart and jump in and out when David stops to hit the ball. Oh, Ben also likes the forward and reverse button and has to fiddle with it at every stop! Afterwards we sat on the 18th hole for drinks and french fries. Ben was surprisingly well behaved staying in his seat quietly and clapping when players made their putts!

This Kate Spade hat is too perfect.


We fell into our summer routine very easily. I try and get out of the house every morning then home in time for lunch followed by naps! (Finally Bo and Ben have a routine crossover of nap schedules!). We go to the splash pad often, go for nature walks, visit the library or the park and head out to Elberta Farms. Not to mention all the room the babies have to run around at home. There is so much to do in Paris and Brant County/Brantford that we always have a full schedule!

Oops, I can’t forget our weekly trip to Value Village for my own thrills!