What I Thrifted

This is the first post in my new series, ‘What I Thrifted’. My favourite thing to do is visit thrift stores for both myself and the kids – it’s all about the thrill of the find. I discovered this vest at Value Village on my birthday (it was meant to be). I love anything plaid, and the bomber style of this vest caught my eye along with the oversized shoulders. The Ray Ban aviators were also a great Value Village score along with Bo’s faux shearling lined Baby Gap vest.

Vest – Value Village
Shirt – Forever 21
Jeans – Anthropologie (The were $7)
Shoes – Old Navy
Socks – Zellers (RIP)
Sunglasses – Ray Ban @ Value Village

Third Time’s A Charm

Three weeks ago, I took Ben skating for the first time. I lugged two kids, a stroller and a hockey bag into the arena and got us all set up. Wearing skates for the first time since I was in high school was an experience in itself, but Ben’s first experience, well, he wanted to go up to the stands and wait for the Zamboni. He may have been on the ice for a total of 4 minutes and would not move. The second time was the same but with only 2 minutes of ice time. He did enjoy himself, whenever he saw hockey on TV he said, “MEEEEEEEE” and pointed to his feet asking where his skates were. So the third time, we were more than surprised when Ben took off onto the ice with his glider and skated around for half an hour with Papa. Way to go Ben! Check out the video below.

The Neighbours Patch

The farm across the street grows pumpkins. One day we’ll be driving by and BOOM!, we find a sea of orange. They set up a little stand just outside of town where you pick your pumpkins, gourds, corn and hay. A price list and a little locked box is left out for business transactions to go by the honour system. That’s a small town for you! Parisians, you can find the stand across from Sobeys, beside the vet clinic.

Touch A Truck

Last weekend, the Ontario Early Years Centre of Brantford hosted ‘Touch A Truck’ in Paris. It was a great event and we all had a blast. Driving in, we were shocked to see a helicopter on the grounds. Ben received a balloon upon entrance, leaving him distracted and therefore uninterested in the helicopter. Oh well, David snuck a peek. The event had boom trucks with bucket rides, farming and construction vehicles, police, fire and army trucks, and a transport towing truck. Moms, put this event in your calendars for next year because it was great!

What I’m Watching

I’ve finally taken advantage of recording television…and I’ve been recording EVERYTHING. The first TV concert to save had to be Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run show, filmed in Paris. The couple powered through all their hits, edited by some of the most advanced cinematography I’ve ever seen. There was A LOT of slow motion hair flipping but, from Beyonce, that never gets old. The only downside of this HBO special left David and I wishing we saw On The Run when it came through Toronto.

VW Van

Whenever I see Volkswagon Vans out on the road (we see quite a few in Paris) I get a little too excited and David always makes fun of me. On a recent trip to the grocery store, I had to park beside this one and plunk Ben in it (by suggestion of the owners) for a photo-op. David asks what I would do with one. Obviously I would drive the kids to beach in it packed full of surfboards, straw mats and ty-dyed towels. One day I will have one…one day.

If you’re into vintage cars, Paris hosts a car show every Saturday night, 6pm till dusk at Johnny Be Good’s Diner. My red 64′ Mustang is always there for the viewing. *wink wink

“Hey ladies, wanna ride?”

Montreal Wedding

A couple weeks ago my friend Lara married her long time boyfriend Alex in Montreal. Lara and I went to Western together so it turned out to be a great little reunion for our friends. David couldn’t make it so I thankfully brought my friend Brenna. We all had a great time. In the last three years or so, it seems my friends have moved all over the world. Though I’m so happy for them, I miss them terribly, making me so thankful for weekends like these.

We arrived around midnight & agreed this to be a great selfie mirror.

Make-up and hair done by Moi.

We’re ready to go! My dress is vintage.

I asked Alex how he was feeling prior. “Nervous!”

Myself & The Bride. We all danced till 2am hence the Best Man in the back.

My ladies!